Late Night Landscape PET Tape

Mind Wave

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The popular landscape stickers are now available in clear tape!

The tape is finished in a panoramic landscape illustration that takes advantage of its elongated size. It is also recommended to combine it with sheet stickers and flake stickers from the same series.
Moonlight Landscape PET Tape
MindWave's clear tape has a matte finish that blends well with paper so that it can be easily used to decorate notebooks and other items. 

Since it is made of PET material, it is water resistant and has excellent durability, and can be used for wrapping and decorating small items.
  • Width 30mm × Length 3m
  • Material: Transparency Mat PET
  • Includes 1 roll of PET Tape
  • Last few pictures shown here are all the designs in the same collection, each sold separately.

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