Pastel Goth Witchy Cat Sticker #3

Unhinged Sticker Co.

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"Paws and Brooms": A group of cats trying to ride miniature broomsticks, with hilariously disastrous results.
Introducing the "Whisker-Witch Pastel Parade" – the purrfectly enchanting stickers for all you feline fanatics and pastel goth aficionados! 🐱🔮

These bewitching stickers feature the most fabulous, fashionable, and fur-midable cats you've ever seen. Picture this: kitties dressed to the nines in pastel goth attire, complete with pointy hats, sparkly wands, and the sassiest cat-eye eyeliner this side of Salem. 🧙‍♀️✨

These cats didn't choose the witchy life; the witchy life chose them, and they're ready to put a spell on your heart (and your funny bone).

Includes 1 sticker.

Measures approx. 3"

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