POSCA Paint Marker Set 16-Color PC-1M Fine Tapered Tip Basic Set


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PC - 1M

16-Color PC-1M Extra-Fine Tapered Tip Basic Set: white, yellow, orange, light green, green, light blue, violet, pink, red, brown, black, gold, silver, blue, gray and beige

The very fine tip of the PC-1M is ideal for small-format creations.
The PC-1M is the ideal POSCA for small-format creations with its small size and its extra-fine bullet tip. It is appreciated by beginners to the most experienced, who use it for precise coloring.

The extra-fine bullet-tip POSCA is perfect for novice and experienced crafters, who use it for drawing, coloring, scrapbooking, tableware and upcycling. It is also used by professionals to add color to documents, produce roughs, color in illustrations or make precise markings (many beekeepers use it to identify queens in their hives!). Finally, artists appreciate it for painting, drawing or signing their works.

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