Sarasa Clip 0.5mm Deco Shine Color 10 Colors


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Zebra Gel Ballpoint Pen Sarasa Clip 0.5mm Deco Shine Color, 10 Colors

New "Sarasa Clip Deco Shine Color" with glittering ink color has appeared to Zebra popular gel ballpoint pen "Sarasa Clip" series! 10 colors of deco shine color ink with metallic color that shines brilliantly. 

Developed with a ball diameter of 0.5 mm that allows you to draw finer lines than conventional pens, you can write cute characters and illustrations in finer areas.  Compared to conventional pens, the ink is less transparent to the base. Even if you write it on a dark message card or photo, it will develop a beautiful color. 

The black body color is adopted for the first time as a standard product of Sarasa Clip, and the product name is printed in silver on the clip part. In terms of design, it expresses that it is a ballpoint pen that can be written glitteringly on dark paper.

  • Zebra Knock Gel Ballpoint Pen
  • Water based pigment
  • Ballpoint size: 0.5mm
  • 10 Color Set : Shiny Blue, Shiny Red, Shiny Green, Shiny Pink, Shiny Purple, Shiny Orange, Shiny Royal Blue, Copper, Silver, Gold
  • Durable clip
  • 4901681378708


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