Tiger Clear Tape Soda

King Jim

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Tiger Soda Washi Tape. Transparent PET film tape which is easy to re-stick.

Flexible enough to stick on curved surfaces. It is best for decorating diaries, gifts, etc.

  • Includes 1 washi tape
  • Size: 30mm x 5m

Recently, transparent tape has become trendy following washi tape mainly in China and Taiwan, where masking tape and stickers are highly developed. “SODA” is released for discovering new fascinations of masking tape except washi-made one. “SODA” is brand-new masking tape in that it is transparent.

“SODA” is made from a highly transparent film. That enables you to enjoy the combination of colors by using several tapes, without concealing the surface of objects. Uses for DIY or decorating bullet journals are highly recommended. It is easy to re-stick with its weak adhesiveness. Furthermore, “SODA” doesn't take effort to remove and clean up paper because it is rolled tape without release paper.

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