The Essential Tarot Book And Card Set

Peter Pauper Press

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Unlock the secrets of the ancient and mystical art of the tarot and plot your path to spiritual growth with the essential tarot book and card set.
Follow the simple instructions in the guidebook to discover the meanings behind the mysterious imagery of the cards and learn how to conduct your own tarot readings.
Set includes 112-page full-color hardcover mini guidebook with dust jacket, a complete deck of tarot cards, and a keepsake box.
The essential book of tarot explains the fortune-telling elements of each tarot card, as well as the history and lore of the tarot.
Rich, full-color illustrations by renowned artist mary hanson-roberts adorn the book and each card in the 78-card deck.
Her ethereal images, based on time-honored traditions, capture the spirit and soul of the tarot.

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