Traveler's Company TRC Brass Fountain Pen

Traveler's Company

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It is a brass fountain pen that is compact when you carry it and easy to use when you write. The texture of brass evolves over time as you use it and the top has a ring to which hooks and strings can be attached. You can also use it without clips by removing the ring parts. Insert it roughly into the traveler's notebook pen holder, or simply throw it into your pocket and carry it with you anytime, anywhere. With the change in the color of the brass, slight scratches will add to it personality. European type cartridges are available in black and blue black.

  •  Pen tip / Steel, Nib size / Fine, A Cartridge Black included
  • Package / PET case, H 1.5" x W 4.4" x D 0.75"
  • BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN / D 0.5" x H 4"
  • No. 38076006

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