Zebra bLen 2+S 2 Multi-Function Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil


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Zebra bLen 2+S Grey 0.5mm - 2 Colors Ballpoint Pen + Mechanical Pencil

Enjoy a stress-free writing experience with the Zebra bLen multifunction pen. bLen was created in collaboration with the internationally renowned Japanese and Canadian designer Sato Oki (Sato Oki), which not only looks beautiful.

bLen is the ballpoint pen extremely easy to write with the stress-free “bLen system” that help to absorb shocks. It has been carefully designed to eliminate all the tiny rattles and vibrations that can distract us and cause unnecessary stress and frustration. The name is inspired by the Japanese word burenai, which means "non-vibration". 

  • [ 3 in 1 ] A 0.5mm pencil lead + 2 colors 0.5mm (red and black) of smooth and vibrant lotion ballpoint pen ink.
  • Large sliding button with black ink composition, this is the most commonly used color.
  • The "Direct Touch" nib design can cushion the writing nib to eliminate uncomfortable vibrations.
  • The "noise-free" main body design ensures that the moving parts fit together closely and will not rattle during use.
  • The low center of gravity makes the pen more stable and easier to control.
  • The rubber grip part enables easy and stress-free grip.

  • Pen tip size: 0.5mm + 0.5mm (The size of the pencil lead is 0.5mm)
  • Body color: Grey
  • Composition: 2 inks + 1 pencil lead
  • Pre-installed ink colors: black, red, a pencil lead

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