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Deco Rush

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Deco Rush is a decorative tape that works like a correction tape and provides an easy way to spruce up your pages with a cute look. You can use it to accent where you’ve written plans for the day or draw a line with it to make a section of the page stand out.

Because Deco Rush is a tape, it doesn’t have the unevenness of ink or show through the other side of the page. It also doesn’t have a thickness to it, so your book won’t become thick from it.

Use this product on a flat surface for best results. We recommend using a pencil board underneath the page to provide a flat surface.

  • Includes 1 Stretch Cat Deco Rush
  • Tape dimensions: 6mm height x 4m total length
  • Last few pictures shown all the designs in the same collection, each sold separately.

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