YUK FUN Washi Tapes

Posted by Eunice Wang on

New vendor alert!!! Big welcome to YUK FUN!! YUK FUN was founded in 2014 by design duo Lucy Cheung and Patrick Gildersleeves, who met at university studying art & design. They currently work from their home studio in Portslade-by-Sea screen printing, making clothes and drawing.

Check out their Good, Okay and Bad Washi Tapes.

Good washi tape filled with positive affirmations to improve your life. There's 17 different characters wishing you good vibes on this tape.


An Okay washi tape for all your taping needs. There's a whopping 28 different Okay faces to tape onto your things.


Bad washi tape filled with fun characters for when you can't be bothered. There's 18 different characters who are just not feeling it right now. You've got your classic NO MATE, a NOPE, URGH and even one that says DO ONE.


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