Buy, Buy, Buy! Shopping Spree Munchkin Planner Stickers

Once More With Love

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Hnggghhh - I NEEEEEED it though!!! These lil munchkins are ready to buy, buy, buy and spend some money! Online shopping, mall shopping, any kind of shopping :P They get how you feel hehe!


1) Size - Each sheet is approximately 4.5x3.5 (regular size) inches.

2) Type - Designed for all planners, organizers, calendars, bullet journals, and traveler's notebooks

3) Material - Non-removable matte white adhesive paper

4) Design - All designs are original and created by Margaret Ying of OnceMoreWithLove.

Copyright © 2017 by Margaret Ying of OnceMoreWithLove Designs Inc. All rights reserved. All illustrations, artwork, graphic, characters, logos, and/or design in this listing are the copyrighted works of Margaret Ying of OnceMoreWithLove Designs Inc. 

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