Cute Mudpuppy Salamander Enamel Pin

Evy Benita

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Cute Mudpuppy Salamander Enamel Pin with Floral Decor

A cute "Mudpuppy" salamander enamel pin with floral decor! Mudpuppies are aquatic salamanders native to North America, where they like to shelter at the bottom of river streams. This mudpuppy pin badge is made with polished gold plating and hard enamel. It comes presented on a decorative trading card showcasing the species' name and some fun facts.


  • Hard enamel (collector favorite)
  • Gold plating
  • Pin size: 28mm
  • Card size: 85x55mm
  • Compostable packaging

Your pins come individually presented on backing cards with the species' name printed on them. Each pin is wrapped with clear and cute plant-based PLA sleeves.

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