Lavender Flowers Wax Seal Stamp with Handle

Fiona Ariva

Regular price $26.00

Lavender is commonly used to alleviate anxiety and stress. Combine it with a cup of tea, the calming nature of melting and making wax seals, and you'll find yourself in relaxing, crafty heaven. Perfect for wax sealing your cards, gifts, letters, journals, wedding invitations, lavender products and more.

Lavender Flowers Wax Seal Stamp with Handle
  • One wax seal stamp head - 25mm in diameter. This will attach to the handle. (Stamp heads are interchangeable by twisting to unscrew/ rescrew) 
  • One brown, rosewood handle. The total stamp length is approx. 9 cm/ 3.5 in) 
  • One cotton canvas storage pouch 
  • One cylindrical storage/ gift box 


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