No Bad Vibes Enamel Pin

Punky Pins

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You’re the Queen of Cool, perspiring positivity from every pore. You deflect negative vibes faster than Chuck Norris taking on a team of bad guys.

You deserve recognition, babe. Treat yourself to this lovely little rosette and show the world that you’re your own little oasis of calm.

Hard enamel pin with Punky Pins logo on reverse. Measuring 32mm (high) by 23mm (wide).

Part of an exclusive collab with Nikki Miles. Nikki is a cute AF illustrator based in London and she pretty much epitomises sunshine, joy and just all round loveliness.

Whether you are looking for cool pins to add to your jacket or backpack, or you are on the hunt for the perfect present for someone special, Punky Pins has got you covered. These bold statement pins are great for jackets, backpacks and more.

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