Pentel Milky Brush Pen - 8 Color Set


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Pentel Milky Brush Pen - 8 Color Set featuring opaque ink that shows up well on black and colored paper, the Pentel Milky Brush is perfect for drawing, lettering, and crafting. Its nylon bristle tip is soft and flexible, making it easy to create artistic sweeps and tapers. The ink can be layered and blended, and the color will be stronger the more layers of ink you apply.


  • 8 Color Set (White / Pastel Yellow / Pastel Green / Pastel Mint Green / Pastel Blue / Pastel Violet / Pastel Pink / Pastel Orange)
  • Made in Japan
  • Shake the pen well before use. If the tip is dry, prime it by pressing the button at the back of the barrel several times.
  • Keep the pen capped and store it horizontally when not in use.

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