Succulents & Cacti Washi Tape Shoal


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This cute washi tape features 14 of our favorite succulents and cacti: Echeveria, Sedum morganianum "burro tail", Crassula ovata "ogre ears", Euphorbia lactea cristata, Cotyledon tomentosa ladismithiensis "Bear's paw", Aporocactus flagelliformis "rattail", Aloe brevifolia, Lithops, Epiphyllum anguliger "fishbone cactus", Kalanchoe thyrsiflora "flapjack succulent", Aeonium variegated, Senecio rowleyanus "string-of-pearls", Opuntia "prickly pear", Haworthiopsis attenuata "zebra haworthia".

  • One 10-meter roll of washi tape 15mm wide, 32mm paper core
  • Gold foil details
  • Created from our original illustrations
  • Adorable packaging

Last pictures shown here are some other designs in the same collection, each sold separately. 

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