Uni-ball One Gel Pen 0.38mm 8 Color Set


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Uni New Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pen, "Uni-Ball One" has appeared. Uni-Ball One features a newly developed gel ink and a simple shaft design. The new Uni-Ball One has a deeper black color and a more vibrant color than typical gel inks, and can create impressive notes that will look sharper when you look back later.

General quick-drying ink achieves quick-drying by increasing the penetration of the ink into the paper. As a result, ink bleeding or strike-through sometimes occurred. The newly developed "Uni-Ball One Ink" enables the liquid component to quickly penetrate into the paper by changing the ratio of the solid and liquid components in the ink, while allowing the solid color material to remain on the paper.

Although it is a quick-drying ink that penetrates the paper quickly, it does not bleed or strike through to prevent the color material from being absorbed into the paper. The shaft design is simple and straight. The color ink uses an off-white axis color that blends into the living space, resulting in a calm impression. The oval-shaped "open wire clip" has a stylish design and is a movable clip that can be easily inserted between notebooks and notebooks.

This set includes 8 colors: Black, Blue, Blue Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, and Sky Blue.